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Mies Murphy-Steegers

Mies studied and graduated from the School of Art, Tilburg in the Netherlands, specialising in textiles. Thereafter she taught Art in Eindhoven and at Grange Academy, Kilmarnock.

Mies at Work

Over the years she moved on to work in stained glass and from 2005 began to explore figurative sculpture at Glasgow School of  Art.

Mies’ work is inspired by the human form expressing the dynamics of the female torso. Some of it adds an element of humour whilst other pieces reflect the flowing lines and curvature of the female form.

In recent years she has exhibited regularly at annual exhibitions of  RGI & PAI.

She is also now one of a group of sculptors exhibiting at a new outdoor sculpture park at Caol Ruadh, situated in idyllic surroundings near Colintraive.